Single And Loving It!

Life Is What You Make It

Welcome to all you single ladies out there who have defied the odds and continue to live a passionate, fulfilled and enjoyable life even after your breakup. This website doesn't just cover my journey of fun, travel and new experiences but it also focuses on self-actualization, career, networking and being a success.

As you join me in this journey of self discovery in all its grimy, stubborn, shocking yet unapologetic glory, I hope that you too will be able to unlock the key to who you truly are. Discover your gift, live fully and while you're at it, be the best version of you.

Happiness is not by chance, it's a choice. So until Mr Right comes into your life, I dare you to embark on a 'date yourself' challenge! Share the creative ways that you've been enjoying single life via our Twitter or Instagram @SingleLifexx

In the meantime, have a look through the myriad of content and media that this website has to offer!

Nne Agwu (Mother of Divine Nation) Storytelling Festival 2018

Compliments to Nkechinyere Nwobani for majority of the pictures.Read more

Trip to Dorset

Talk about beautiful! This is Dorset, a beautiful county located along the coast in the UK. I spent my weekend there (as a treat to myself for my birthday) and even though it took me over 3 hours toRead more

Radiate Windrush

I went to this event on Saturday 23rd June and it was based at Crystal Palace Park. I can't remember how I came across it but I was keen to attend given the recent scandal about the Windrush generatiRead more

Black Market Festival 2018

Well, as a follow up to the Goddess event, I decided to also attend The Black Market & Film Festival which took place last Saturday. As always, the black entrepreneurs in our community showed up inRead more


Time goes by so quickly! Who would have thought that since the time I last posted about Krav Maga, a month would have come and gone! However, it's been quite an interesting and thoroughly enjoyableRead more

Krav Maga

Alright, it's been 2 weeks since I started this training and all I can say is.......IT'S A WORKOUT! The upfront payment is a bit pricey but for the life skills, calibre of training and personalRead more

[Single Life Adventures] Nebula Sister Spiritual Cleansing Weekend

Through the Goddess event, I managed to learn about this cleansing weekend and decided that it sounded too good to miss. It was going to be hosted by a Black Goddess, the turnout would be all BlackRead more

[Single Life Adventures] Benicassim Festival (Spain) - Rototom!

Rototom!!!!!! It was a wonderful festival and an extremely thrilling experience. Brace yourselves - there are many pictures and loads of videos to watch as I slowly unfold the wonders of this veryRead more

[Single Life Adventures] Natural Hair & Lifestyle EXPO 2017

Yesterday I attended another wonderful event which celebrated the beauty of Black women's natural hair. Again, kudos to Angela Smalls (see pics below) who did well to bring together stalls displayingRead more

[Single Life Adventures] Friend's Birthday Celebration - Kona Kai

I went to this venue yesterday to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday and it was in a lovely location called 'Kona Kai' where they served large, beautiful and extremely tasty cocktails! Read more

[Single Life Adventures] Lambeth Country Show 2016

Well how did I know about this event you ask? It was last year on a Friday at work that I was having a conversation with a work colleague. Eventually, she asked the all too familiar question, 'WhatRead more
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