The Fool

I wake up yet another morning

But this time I'm pissed as hell

To have loved a man no better than an idiot

And a fool at that as well

Here's to the man who had a good lady

But thought the grass looked greener on the other side

So finally that chick you lusted after is now your baby

Only to find the chick was happily taking you for a ride

Here's to the man who thinks he's God's gift to man

And that his woman exists only to cater to him

Unfortunately, your woman didn't choose to stay forever as planned

So it's back to the hand jobs and your blowup sex doll – Lynn

Here's to the man who made sport in disrespecting his woman

Highlighting her flaws and constantly pointing out her mistakes

She's taken what's left of her pride and moved on to find a better man

Which didn't take much since anyone was a better pick at any rate

Here's to the man who likes to f*ck up and say he's sorry

But can't seem to get his act together or change his ways

This time you've done your worst but have already prepped and fine-tuned your apology

Too bad she's not around to care what your tired-ass has to say

But here's to you my smart yet idiotic friend

Who stumbled across a good woman by accident

She didn't care to know you but a listening ear she'd lend

Now you're together and she's wondering, 'Wtf happened?'

It wasn't your charm, good looks or financial position

Hell, you barely even had any to begin with

But she saw potential cloaked in your awkward disposition

And fell for the fantasy of what you would become from within

But being the dumb individual that you constantly aspire to be

Your ego began to get the best of you

You forgot that it wasn't too long ago that you could barely find a woman (for free)

But now that you're taken, you're now fresh out the box and brand new

So you insult the woman you once fiercely vied for

And you disregard all those things that made her happy

You now play the field, work your charm, see how much ladies you can score

Forgetting that she's the reason why you've upgraded and become 'Mr Lucky'

It didn't take much for her to walk right back out your life

As easily as she walked right into it

Suddenly the good fortune and appeal that fueled your hype

Decided to march out the door with the woman who effortlessly oozed it

You see you didn't do her a favour by being her lover

And she had her own so she certainly didn't need you either

But like the fool you stopped trying once you won her over

Forgetting she can have her pick of any man and she's not a pushover

So here's to you the biggest fool of them all

Who had a good woman but couldn't appreciate that was plenty

Good riddance to your commonsense and reasoning

What am I saying? By the looks of it, you weren't born with any

AUTHOR: DivineB-U-Ti