[Single Life Adventures] Lambeth Country Show 2016

Well how did I know about this event you ask? It was last year on a Friday at work that I was having a conversation with a work colleague. Eventually, she asked the all too familiar question, 'What are you doing this weekend?' I had no plans and was broke but I was still very keen to do something apart from sit at home. As the conversation progressed she mentioned that this free annual event was taking place the whole weekend and that I should attend. I surprised her by doing just that! I managed to get to the location the Sunday afternoon and quickly discovered that this was as much a family event as it was a mini-music festival. Since I had neither 'a chick nor child' plus no love interest at the time, I slowly weaved pass the children's rides and couples' activities and settled on a spot in front of the stage where they would be having live performances later on. (Don't be fooled by the video, as the performances continued throughout the evening, the crowd grew and absolutely EVERYONE was on their feet dancing!).

In no time I was flanked, on both sides, by these lovely rastamen who were getting into the groove of the music while high on the 'tree of life' lol. Though I suspect that I was the only person there by myself, I didn't feel alone and it didn't take much to strike up some lovely conversation with the people around me. Ultimately, everyone - in all their different shades and hues and from different cultures - all came together to dance and have a good time to what was mainly reggae and dancehall music (sweet!). The music was good, the vibe was nice and I was glad at the end of it all!

And to think that I almost didn't go!