[Single Life Adventures] Friend's Birthday Celebration - Kona Kai

I went to this venue yesterday to celebrate my friend's 40th birthday and it was in a lovely location called 'Kona Kai' where they served large, beautiful and extremely tasty cocktails!

It also had a very bohemian feel with bamboo lined walls and a few touches here and there that gave the impression you were in a luxurious thatched hut!
I was also impressed by the music! There were a few disco songs but they also managed to include some contemporary R&B, garage, reggae, dancehall and even Afrobeats! It was such an incredible evening especially given the fact that all I had to worry about was getting there then letting loose! It's important that when you're single you surround yourself with really good company – the type of company that is better at letting their hair down than drowning themselves in sorrow and self pity. Also, when you're single, relax into your surroundings and soak up what's happening around you. Do not make a conscious effort to find someone or to view every male in your vicinity as a potential replacement to your ex. Times like these are meant for you to experience having fun in your own company and that of your peers. It's meant for shaking a leg, letting down your hair, having interesting conversations and fully being present in the moment. Don't worry about finding a man. It's when you least expect it that the right one comes into your life. Until then, live girl!