[Single Life Adventures] Natural Hair & Lifestyle EXPO 2017


Yesterday I attended another wonderful event which celebrated the beauty of Black women's natural hair. Again, kudos to Angela Smalls (see pics below) who did well to bring together stalls displaying a wide array of beautiful craftmanship. There were also several inspirational and knowledgeable speakers who spoke on topics such as wellbeing, hair care and the art of head wrapping.
There is truly so much talent in the Black community! From clothes, hair products, jewelry and hair accessories - you name it, these ambitious entrepreneurs had it!
With wide, puppy dog eyes, a sweet smile and a bit of flattery (you know this goes a far way lol) a couple queens consented to me taking pictures of their beautiful hair. Absolutely stunning!
However, for me, the real highlight of the event was the actual talks. Among the four, there was one that included a live demonstration of head wrapping and another which was delivered by Bashiyra - the winner of Ms. Natural Hair UK 2016 (http://www.singlelife.me.uk/page/single-life-adven...).

The head wrapping session involved a demonstration of different head wrapping styles. Almost every woman in the room was volunteering for their heads to be wrapped. So it was near impossible trying to have mine done! It got so bad that the more daring women simply took the decision out of the head wrapper's hands by simply running to secure their seats in front of her!

As for Bashiyra's talk, she elaborated on her hair journey by walking us through her transition from perms, weaves and wigs to dreadlocks. She also mentioned key factors to bear in mind when maintaining healthy locs (i.e. seasonal changes, water intake, diet etc.) and also gave full details about the Ms Natural Hair UK event scheduled to take place again in 2018. A very eloquent, sophisticated and highly talented woman (did I mention that she sings for a living?), it was no wonder she won!

Overall, it was a fantastic day. In fact, it was so good that I am absolutely shattered and half-way falling asleep while writing this lol.

So there you have it. One more event down and many more to go!

It's only when we start coming out of our comfort zone that we start to grow xxxxxx