Your First Love


They say that how well you take care of yourself is a reflection of how well you can take care of others. If when we are in love, we look to do any and everything for the other individual, why not get into the habit of practicing this level of selflessness and care with yourself? Why not treat yourself to the things that your heart desires? Why not take yourself to the places you've always dreamed of? Why not dabble in all those activities and hobbies that make you happy? Relationships will have their highs and lows. They come together as much as they fall apart. However, the only factor that remains constant is the 'YOU' in all of it. The 'you' that falls in love, the 'you' who gets nervous around their lover, the 'you' who experiences the first of a series of relationship arguments and the 'you' who sometimes gets her heart broken.

Therefore, I challenge you today to be the 'you' who learns to take comfort in her own company. The 'you' who learns to smile through the tears and the 'you' who finally discovers that true happiness comes from within.

Be the love that you aspire to find in another!