The Heartbreak


Pain is often the catalyst for significant change. It is what pushes you in a completely new direction or forces you to stop and take a good look at where your life is heading. It forces you to re-evaluate your priorities and often is what is needed to have that 'wake up' call especially when we've fallen asleep on ourselves, our potential and our destiny for so long.

Heartbreak is no different. Many times we become too fixated on that individual, that way of life or a particular situation, not realising that it is holding us back from having what we truly deserve.

Take the time to heal but don't wallow in self-pity. Take the time to reflect but don't get lost in 'what-ifs'. Above all else, remember to pick yourself back up. The heartbreak is your reset button. Your actions will determine what your fresh start will look like.

Make the most of it!

Author: DivineB-U-Ti