Settle For Nothing Less......


Everything that you've been through before is preparing you for what is to come. Heartbreaks are not meant for you to wallow in self-pity but are required for you to redirect your attentions to things that you've neglected for far too long. Maybe it's time to refocus your sights on your family, your friends, your career or your personal wellbeing. Either way, cutting the ties with the person you were once with to re-evaluate your true priorities in life puts you in a position to strike a better balance when you next commit to someone else. However, don't just let anyone in your life to fill the void that has been 'seemingly' left behind. Let someone in your life who will prove to you what true love really means. Let someone in your life who will make you a better person and at the same time comfortable in your own skin.

If rushing headlong into relationships guaranteed nothing but heartache or pain, what do you stand to lose by taking the time to really know yourself and any prospective lover that comes along?

Time was never your enemy so start making it a friend. Use it to learn and to grow.