A Woman's Intuition


We women were blessed with something called 'intuition' which helps with self-preservation and also reinforces our protective instincts once we settle down and start a family. This same intuition is just as important once we get to the stage of wanting to find our life partners. However, somewhere along the line, we tend to ignore it. We ignore that gut feeling that something isn't right about a certain guy. We go blind to the red flags that appear occasionally during our interactions or we simply settle for the companionship even though we know that it may do little to nothing to nourish our growth physically or spiritually.

So how do we revive that ancient yet powerful tool that was seeded in our DNA since time immemorial? How do we get to that place where we are brave enough to follow it once it surfaces to redirect and support us? It goes back to reconnecting with yourself, your thoughts, your unresolved hurts and innermost vulnerabilities. It is only when we strip back all the years of pain and social conditioning that we can begin to tap into our innermost power and strength. That's also when we have the most clarity about what is happening in our lives, who is good for us and what our purpose is on life's journey.

Spending time with yourself is never a waste and should never be considered a burden. Understand who you are first and then you can determine who will be right for you.