Let's say that you insist on settling down with someone. He has to be the one because you've been waiting for far too long and been hurt long enough so you at least deserve for him to be THE ONE. Ok......so it will be easy for you to answer the following questions then:

- Do they challenge you to be better? Are they willing to risk an argument with you just so you know the truth and for you to start doing more to improve?

- Do they encourage you even when there is every reason in the world to doubt what you are capable of doing?

- Do they stand by you when everyone else turns their back?

- Do they see the beauty in you when everyone (including you) can't see it?

- Are they willing to forgive you even when you've said the unthinkable and done the unforgivable?

This list is nowhere near exhaustive but it's meant to show you that in matters of the heart, you don't get to decide when is the best time to settle down or when you deserve to finally be happy. This only happens when the time is right and often the time is right when you reach a place of no longer wanting someone else to validate you or make you happy. Call it ironic but when you least want it, that's when you get it.