[Single Life Adventures] Benicassim Festival (Spain) - Rototom!


Rototom!!!!!! It was a wonderful festival and an extremely thrilling experience. Brace yourselves - there are many pictures and loads of videos to watch as I slowly unfold the wonders of this very popular and highly entertaining event. 

Now in keeping with my objective to try new things and have new experiences, one of the many great ideas I had was to attend a festival. Luck would have it that while I was talking about this with some Spanish friends, they suggested I attend Rototom which so happened to be near their hometown and takes place every year! So I bought the tickets immediately at the start of the year and flew out for the festival in August. My plan was simple: I would travel light, camp onsite, carry enough cash to cover daily expenses and let life sort the rest. I was feeling positive, slightly nervous and a little bit giddy. Also, it was the first trip overseas that I was doing solo. Thankfully, all the different little events that I was attending up to that point along with my travel within the UK did a lot to boost my confidence before I decided to meet this challenge.

At The Airport

Would you believe that I made a friend at the airport? She was not only another solo traveller but luck would have it that she was heading to the same festival as well and would be camping throughout! So while I was busy thinking about where I would go, what I would do first or what the whole scenery of the festival would be, life worked things out so brilliantly that I managed to find a companion to experience all of this with! She is from Slovakia but currently lives in the UK (how about that?). We had such a wonderful time together and I can safely say that should I need a travel buddy in the future, she will definitely be at the top of my list!

The Camp Site

Now the camp site was divided into two sections. One section was labelled as glamping which was the option I went for but was nothing more than tents that were already set up in neat rows with some specifically allocated for whole families or more than two people. The other section was simply open land and the first to capture a spot was the first to set up camp for themselves. My festival buddy went with this option. 

Now at the time that we arrived in Spain, it was at the height of noon, we had to wait in a long line before being permitted entrance and the whole time we were sweating buckets. So needless to say that once I was settled into my tent, I went immediately to the shower area. Now the first thing that struck me when I went there was the fact that it was quite open. I mean literally. Depending on the angle that you approached it, you could easily see someone showering in their birthday clothes LMAO. Talk about living the hippy life! By the time I got there and went into one of the row of showers that was set up, there were about 4 men showering and I was gonna make one of the few (if not the only woman) there! Now like I mentioned, I was hot, sweaty, tired and in need of a good shower so for the first time in my life, I cast caution to the wind, stripped everything off and was grateful the minute the first droplets of water hit me. No doubt I gave the men nearby an eyeful hahaha. Fortunately, I found another place to shower that was a lot more discrete and did not have as many people of the opposite sex lurking around. You see? I already have a story for the grandkids lol...........

The Village

You read it right. Long before the concerts kicked in and the festival was in full swing, there was already a village set up for people to mix and mingle. There was something for everyone in the massive village/concert area and it was so replete with food, entertainment, fun activities, relaxation etc. that it was pretty much a self-contained and self-sustaining community. From yoga to amateur acrobatics, people were indulging in whatever suited their fancy each day. Above all else, it was very child friendly and you could see several arts and crafts activities in progress along with skateboarding, board games etc. After three days, I found a favourite spot under the African Village tent and made a habit of spreading a blanket under the massive colourful tent and just sprawling out in whatever space I could find. I was always too late finding an empty hammock but I now know what to do for next year's festival.

The Performances

Check out the line up that we had for Rototom 2017.

Not bad right? The only downside is that the big A-listers for the event had a tendency to be slotted in for really late slots. Often, they were down to perform anywhere from midnight to 3am in the morning. When you've had a full day, believe me, it's near impossible having the energy to stay up that late to see such performances but that doesn't mean that I didn't get to see any. Also, the 'festival village' completely transforms during the night. Don't believe me? Have a look at the pics and videos below:

So there you have it! This is nothing close to a complete account of all the wonderful events that took place at the festival but hopefully it should be enough to have you start booking your tickets for next year before you finish this article lol. 

I had a wonderful time and that was mainly because I met some incredible people. Before the festival was even over, I was already vibing off the overall energy of peace, love and unity!