[Single Life Adventures] Goddess Event 2018

I went to an incredible event earlier in March called the Goddess Event and was blown away by the sisterhood and support among the attendees as well as the incredible talent, resourcefulness and creativity of the entrepreneurs. As a testament to this, the picture at the start of this blog is the handiwork of the talented Goddess, Merissa Hylton, who also painted live throughout the duration of the event. Her website is merissahylton.com and she can also be found on Instagram via @merissahyltonart.

The event included drumming, dancing, positive affirmations, highly informative talks and also a sister circle where we all shared our thoughts, dreams, experiences and even some tears. Everything about the event was geared towards the theme "Finding your bliss" and with talks ranging from feminine health to spirituality, we all managed to embark on our journey of self-discovery as a collective and also as the unique Goddesses that we are! I certainly left the event with over £100 worth of purchases (power to Black businesses!), a slew of future events to attend as well as valuable business contacts. For those of you who couldn't join us, here's a little bit more info about the entrepreneurs on-site, upcoming events and incredible developments that are still taking place in our Black community:





An incredible actress and phenomenal playwright, please have a look at her website and also donate. Otherwise, please treat yourself to one of her performances. I promise you that you WILL NOT be disappointed! www.ladypaulette.com

Our Own Television Station In The Making?

Stay tuned to find out lol! A Goddess has decided to partner with her husband to create a channel that is by our people and for our people (HMPTV - Help My People TV). It will initially start as a Youtube channel but there is no telling where it could go once it has the full support of the community. Since it is still in its fledgling stage, they are open for new talent to come on-board to inject more inspiration into what is already an incredibly brave but naturally challenging endeavour. If you would like to help with this initiative, please reach out using the contact details below: 

From the host of the event to the phenomenal women that were in attendance, there was no denying the level of power and energy in that venue. You were guaranteed to leave as blessed and inspired as I did. I encourage you to look through all websites and check out what your fellow sister is doing as she grows in her divine power and continues to make incredible strides while finding her bliss. Who knows, I may be lucky enough to see you at one of the upcoming events!

Oh....spoiler alert - stay tuned to my upcoming blogs which will be about another "sister" event that I recently attended as well as my new undertaking - Krav Maga - which is a self-defense system that I intend to learn because I know it will definitely come in handy for future solo travelling trips! In the meantime, for more business contacts, please see the following link: Business Affairs