[Single Life Adventures] Nebula Sister Spiritual Cleansing Weekend

#dateyourselfchallenge Spiritual Realignment

Through the Goddess event, I managed to learn about this cleansing weekend and decided that it sounded too good to miss. It was going to be hosted by a Black Goddess, the turnout would be all Black women and it would focus on reconnecting with our African ancestral rituals so that we could spiritually cleanse and be reinvigorated. Even though I hesitated about confirming this booking, I knew that the higher powers would not allow me to miss out on this opportunity. However, as if my curiosity wasn't enough of a push to go, it so happened that at the Goddess event itself, one of the organisers for the Nebula Sister Weekend Retreat was sitting beside me for what turned out to be  majority of the event! Talk about synchronicity!

Now I was already delighted by the event's focus on Black women but was even more impressed to find out that the venue was also owned by a Zimbabwean couple. The decor was fantastic. There were African prints draped over plush and comfortable sofas, beautiful African ornaments and artwork littered throughout the home and a huge backyard. Coupled with the fact that it was right in the middle of nature itself, it was more than a lovely spot.....it felt like paradise!

The first thing that hit me as soon as I walked through the doors was the smell of good i-Tal food! I already felt at home because it brought back memories of my Grandmother's cooking. I must give credit to Kat who proved to be a phenomenal host and an exceptional cook. Don't be fooled by her stature because as demure and quiet as she looks, she is an absolute powerhouse. She was the handiman, electrician, cook, events organiser and interpreter of our Goddess card messages all at once! It would be remiss of me to not include some of the wonderful dishes that she prepared as well as a few quick photos that someone thankfully managed to capture of her! 

The more queens arrived, the more interesting our conversations became which blossomed organically and touched on topics that continue to affect Black women today. We explored matters around stressful and hostile workplaces, educational institutions that stifled rather than inspired us, our natural hair journey, generational trauma, sex and even spirituality as our ancestors knew it back in the olden days. There was nothing that we didn't discuss and there was never a feeling that anything was taboo for discussion. It almost felt like there existed an unspoken understanding that this was our weekend, our circle of sisters was a safe place and we were free to discuss what mattered to us the most.

Now the highlight of this event was sister Nebula. She was a living, breathing inspiration all by herself. A woman that decided to finally make her dream a reality by putting aside her fears, embracing the powers that the universe endowed her with and boldly offering us nine women the benefit of her gift (all the while providing motherly care and spiritual guidance), was not only admirable but also a powerful testament to the joys that can be had when you follow your calling. That venue not only emanated with the energy of nature surrounding us but in time it was saturated with the energy and power that, in a very short period of time, Nebula managed to resurrect within each and every one of us. Thank you Queen Nebula!

On the first night, we were all treated to a private bath which, among other things, included what is called a 'smudge'. This involved the burning of a very rare yet powerful resin that is indigenous to the Dominican Republic. One by one, we came back to rejoin the rest of the group, dressed in white and feeling unusually uplifted and calm. For most, it was the first time they were experiencing such bliss. For others, they were reminded of what it was like to feel so tranquil. As for me, it just reinforced the calm that I felt ever since I arrived at the location. It also was very reassuring when Nebula confirmed that an ancestor was walking with me and that I should not be afraid to pursue my dreams.

Afterwards, we were treated to a lovely dinner and eventually we slowly dispersed to our bedrooms. Some slept peacefully but a few of us had some interesting experiences that night (we all know who I'm talking about girls lol). As for me, I was among the rest that took a while to go to bed because I kept tossing and turning. Thankfully, in time I did fall into restful slumber but not before experiencing (twice) the sensation of my whole body vibrating. Nebula, in her knowledge and wisdom, reassured me that I was simply transitioning energetically and it was a natural part of the process to reconnecting with my higher self. 

On the last day, we had a wonderful bonfire where we burnt all those papers that we used, on the first night, to write all those things that we wanted removed from our lives. Afterwards, we then wrote on another bit of paper what we hoped to achieve or experience. However, we didn't burn these. Instead, we hung them on trees - sending out our intentions to the universe for it to be fulfilled. Nebula boldly and powerfully, through spirit, also affirmed that our wishes would be done and to that I say again.....Assseeeeeeeee. We also smashed coconuts in ritualistic fervor to symbolically reaffirm what we would be eliminating from our lives. I must say the exercise was exhilarating especially in my case. That's because it took two tries before I actually managed to smash the coconut properly lol.

Finally, I had a private Goddess card reading that Kat kindly facilitated. With every card that was pulled, she gave a brief overview of what each meant and then methodically worked through each again but in more detail. The cards appeared under the main areas of what was to be the focus going forward, what was still to be worked on, what was bound to happen and what would be experienced. I thank Kat for the reading because they were all spot on.

Now what is my testimony? Well, I will say that the heavens didn't split open, the earth didn't quake, I didn't see the archangels or sit at God's feet but I did return home feeling revitalised. In fact, I was so revitalised that I managed to start blogging again and also churned out an additional two written pages worth of content for my website. I have already thought up some ideas of what I want to do as a future entrepreneur and as we speak, I am now concluding this blog. Nebula has unlocked something incredible in my life. My plan now is to trust and wait patiently as it unfolds.

I love you my Goddesses! Till we meet again.....