You Better Act Right


Understand that it is okay to give your love interest second chances and to fight to keep the relationship going. However, when the relationship is only ever about second chances, constant apologies and a routine cycle of disappointments, in time the relationship becomes tiring and all you have to show for it is frustration, doubt and insecurity.

Never regret the time spent making it work but never forget that there was life before them and there will certainly be life after them. This world is too big to limit your experiences to dissatisfying ones and your life is too short to spend it on anything or anyone that fails to give you peace of mind. If you have exhausted all options and done all that you can to make it work, then my dear Queen, pick yourself up, dust off your crown, go into reset mode and walk forward into your future. Let it never be said that you didn't try but NEVER be of the illusion that you have to stay.