Magnificent Hostel

I went to this hostel in Portugal back in February 2018 and it was superb from start to finish. The airport pick up was arranged and professionally handled by Andre Mota Figueiredo who so happens to be a relative to the owner of the hostel. He runs a small transport company called Bespoke Tours and his contact details are as follows: 

Phone: +351 915 100 838
Email: amotafigueiredo@bespoketourspt.com

His English is impeccable and he is extremely courteous. He also doesn't charge extortionate prices for the airport transfers and is quite flexible.
As for the hostel, even though it is budget, it will undoubtedly exceed your expectations. See for yourself: We Love F Tourist Hostel. I was warmly greeted and assisted with my bags to reception (just to warn you that there are no lifts and quite a few flights of steps to climb) but once I arrived at reception, I was shortly after provided with a lovely hot cup of fragrant tea and also the WiFi password to keep me occupied while I waited. The rooms are extremely clean and also contain lockers. The communal bathrooms are deodorised and cleaned throughout the day and there is space enough for your to relax quietly or congregate into smaller informal groups. Breakfast is included in the price and every night dinner is cooked on site but charged at an additional fee. During dinner, you can usually have up to second and third helpings and there is unlimited......no, I really mean, LIMITLESS wine available lol. Depending on the night, you can do pub crawls or go to a beautiful rooftop bar nearby after dinner and you will always be escorted by one of the staff members.

As if that's not enough, they provide you with a map and detailed explanations about the layout of the surrounding area of the hostel. They also pinpoint worthwhile places to either visit or have meals during your stay at Lisbon. Lastly, they arrange a thoroughly enjoyable tour to Sintra which usually takes all day but is well worth it. I didn't get a chance to go during my visit but I don't intend to make the same mistake again! For a bit more info about this place, please see the link provided: http://www.sintra-portugal.com...