Spain - Madrid & Cordoba


I have traveled to Spain several times and absolutely love the country! I think it's because the weather reminds me so much of the Caribbean. However, I would be lying if I said that I didn't encounter some hostility on more than one occasion. 

I was ignored in a haberdashery shop in Cordoba once. I was also insulted behind my back (quite literally, a couple stood behind my back and hurled insults at me in Spanish) because in the crowd, I made the mistake to block their view in my innocent attempt to try and get a good look at the street procession (during an annual event in Cordoba called - Semana Santa). I was assumed to be a prostitute on another occasion when an old man attempted to rub my leg in a park. I was called 'zorra' (which is the equivalent to whore) in Madrid while walking hand in hand with my Spanish boyfriend back then and I was told that I was not deemed to be African because I was clearly prettier (what a privilege eh? NONSENSE!). This all happened over the course of a few years but the insults and low-key racism always remained consistent.

As if that wasn't bad enough, when I brought my sister along with me one year, she experienced extremely poor customer service at Madrid airport where she was rudely served extremely hard bread and lukewarm orange juice. Oh, but the icing on the cake was when we came to a stoplight (later on during the stay) and she looked over at an old woman (who looked more ancient than the mummies discovered in Egypt) and this ancient relic had the audacity to say that she had a servant at home who looked just like my sister! So what is my verdict? Go where you are welcome and spend money where you are appreciated. At this point in time, Spain is no longer at the top of my list for vacation spots and I don't know if that will change in the near future. However, I will say that it wasn't so long ago that I went to a festival in Valencia called Rototom and I must admit that I had a pleasant time. I don't know if it's because the event had strong African themes and a real hippy vibe why I felt so welcome and appreciated there. However, if you want more details, check out the following link: https://www.singlelife.me.uk/b...