Purposefully Broken for Greatness


Now this post is significantly different from the ones I usually do but it is definitely worth sharing. As I continue to network and go to inspiring events, I inevitably come across incredible individuals within the Black community who never cease to amaze me. One such person is Tamar Nwafor. Although I didn't have the privilege of attending the event detailed in the poster above, I was lucky enough to meet her at another event and she left a lasting impression on me. She is a wonderful example of our strength and resilience in the face of difficulty, disappointment and abuse. She is a ground breaker in many ways because she is one of the few that have not only chosen to break her silence on her own experience of child sexual abuse but has gone a step further to launch a campaign to raise awareness. It is hoped that this will not only help others to break their silence and heal but ultimately reduce the likelihood of children going through similar abuse in the future. So without further ado, please have a look at her blog which touches on domestic violence, sexual abuse and mental illness. However, do not be fooled - her blogs speak more to her being a SURVIVOR and NOT a victim. So please, have a read, subscribe and share. Her wise words and courage may just be the help that someone else needs Lioness Tamar