Time goes by so quickly! Who would have thought that since the time I last posted about Krav Maga, a month would have come and gone! However, it's been quite an interesting and thoroughly enjoyable month. The class boasts of people (mainly men lol) from all ages and backgrounds but one thing we do have in common is the fact that we absolutely LOVE our training sessions. 

Now what have we been getting up to you may ask? Well, the training has included techniques to get out of choke holds, blocking attacks, assuming the best stance to deliver the most impact in a hit and moving attackers from a state of advantage to disadvantage when they are striking you. However, most recently, the focus has been on defending against knife attacks. Now with the recent increase in knife crimes in Central London, I found the focus on these sort of attacks in class quite timely and useful. I must admit that it is not one of my favorites but each time that I practice, I notice that there is always a significant improvement in my defense.

So how has this enriched my life on the whole? Well, I must say that I am delighted to be doing regular exercises again and it's a bonus that this training is as enjoyable as it is useful. I have something to look forward to at least two times a week after work and my circle of friends has considerably grown since joining this club. Interestingly, my colleagues at work have taken an interest in finding out what I do at each training session and it sometimes generates a bit of laughter when I talk about near misses (like almost being punched in the eye) or the routine advice of our trainer to make sure that during our sparring sessions, our partner's blood and teeth stay in their body (hahahah.......don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds.....at least not yet LOL). 

So my final words to you is to live in the moment, never be afraid to try something new and NEVER live in fear. Instead, try becoming fear itself LMAO.

Until next time.....