Black Market Festival 2018


Well, as a follow up to the Goddess event, I decided to also attend The Black Market & Film Festival which took place last Saturday. As always, the black entrepreneurs in our community showed up in full force and I did walk away with quite a few lovely items.

Included in the picture above is Kittylock's birch & horsetail herbal shampoo (specially formulated for Sisterlocks and recommended for thickening and making the hair darker) and also a lovely black headcover for the nights. The spiral gold earrings, gold-plated necklace and African print headwrap is from Nzuriboutique which was represented by a lovely young lady and her mum who both were as warm as they were welcoming. Now I apologise in advance for not getting the business details for the remaining items but they are still worth mentioning. The white bags consist of magnesium salt which I purchased along with a magnesium gel. The lady who sold me the items was a regal looking older woman who told me her story about how she helped to speed up her son's recovery in hospital by rubbing the soles of his feet with the magnesium gel. Lastly, the bag and African print earrings were sold to me by a stunningly Black and beautiful African lady who was kind enough to even knock off a few pounds on the earrings in appreciation of my support to her business. The bag is very sturdy and made of good quality. I can attest to this because it actually managed to carry everything else laid out in the first picture for the whole day that I was at the event! As for the pillow, I got this from Krystledeancrafts. I have been sleeping on it for the last few nights and it has been a dream! 

Now I met a lovely gentleman by the name of Wayne who offered a 10 minute session of Qigong (a Chinese system of physical exercises and breathing control related to tai chi). In that short period of time, he taught me the importance of maintaining the correct posture to allow for greater circulation and blood flow which in turn facilitates the uninhibited flow of energy throughout the body. Once I told him about my self-defence classes, he also gave practical demonstrations of how Qigong, in it's focus on remaining centered, actually does a lot to conserve energy while at the same time maximizing physical strength (albeit quite subtly). I did enjoy my short session and highly recommend him. His company is called Training4Life.

I also came across a 'live' food stall that had everything from coconuts to fruit juices. I purchased two bags of kale, a hand of burro bananas and coconut water (straight from the coconut that was chopped on the spot and a straw nicely slotted in to complete the experience - it was lovely!). I do plan to keep in touch with him since he's confirmed that he supplies aloe vera and can even hook me up with a box of coconuts. He did mention that he would be travelling to Birmingham later this year but in the meantime, if you want to get in touch, see the flyer below. Oh, by the way, he also does deliveries!

Now as much as I would have loved to buy everything that was on display (and I mean everything), unfortunately my budget and my lack of hands prevented me from doing so. However, for your benefit, I did make sure to get the details of the following entrepreneurs:

African Print Clothing & Textiles

Health & Wellbeing

Now, this is nowhere near a true reflection of the number of entrepreneurs that showed up at this event but probably this will encourage you to come to the next one. The last thing I will mention is the talks at this event. I managed to attend one talk called "Jumpstart Your Financial Future". The talk was delivered by Daryl Harper who did a convincing presentation about understanding money, being more financially savvy, generating wealth and working towards a debt-free future. In fact, his presentation was so sound and compelling that I actually attended another one of his talks the day after. I must say that if you want to get your life together or live the life that you deserve (and not the one you can afford) this man [along with his team] can definitely point you in the right direction. If you would like to find out more, please see his webpage: https://www.genistar.net/Daryl...

That's it everyone. Hope you enjoyed this post! I would like to give one last shout out to Kittylocks who clearly created a stir at the event with all the good reviews and lovely snaps that she managed to get from buying customers! For more business contacts, check out the following link https://www.singlelife.me.uk/p...