Radiate Windrush


I went to this event on Saturday 23rd June and it was based at Crystal Palace Park. I can't remember how I came across it but I was keen to attend given the recent scandal about the Windrush generation in the UK who the government had no problems in unceremoniously casting out of Britain (on the premise of them not having valid citizenship) even though, many of them left family and friends behind (years ago) to answer the call to rebuild this country. Fortunately, that day wasn't about focusing on the negative or being resentful of recent events but was rather about having a good time and eating good food while celebrating our Black heritage.  I must say that initially the turnout was modest but then it started to gain momentum around 2pm onwards. Nevertheless, the downtime gave me ample opportunity to view the stalls and - you guessed it - I made some modest but lovely purchases:

There was a wide variety of goods and services available ranging from Ugandan nursery rhymes (www.mukwanogwabato.com), dreadlock retightening sessions (www.nattiedreadz.co.uk), birth & postnatal doula services (www.visionarybirths.com), natural skincare products (sales@leicala.shop), Black art (by Jon Justice - pics below), Manhood and Womanhood academy and quality framing services (ambassalion@ymail.com). The more you moved around the venue, the more treasures and delights were found!

However, the best bit was the music. With the help of @justvibez, we were brought back to the good old days of roots reggae and soca! 

It was a lovely event and thankfully, there are already talks for this to be held every year so make sure you look out for it in 2019! Just one last shout out before I go. If you happen to be around Finchley Road (London), why not pop into the O2 Centre and stop by the lovely Ghanaian restaurant inside? As the restaurant name suggests, I "Chopped like a Ghanaian" and it was fantastic! I highly recommend the yam served with pepper sauce and avocado, yam fries, spinach abom with chicken and spicy oxtail with jollof rice (special). If my parents and I enjoyed it, I'm pretty certain you will too!

"Enjoy life on your own terms. It's your birthright"