Trip to Dorset


Talk about beautiful! This is Dorset, a beautiful county located along the coast in the UK. I spent my weekend there (as a treat to myself for my birthday) and even though it took me over 3 hours to get there, it was well worth it! I can't take full credit for having the imagination to embark on this trip because it was really organised through my company. So the invite went out and over 10 of us responded, many of whom traveled right after work. However, the real fun started on Saturday where we embarked on a 6 hour walk. The scenery was magnificent:

The second day we went coasteering. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with this activity, it involves jumping off heights into water. It was my first time doing this and I was nervous as hell but under the guidance and support of India and Kelvin who represented the company Harbour Challenge, it wasn't long before we started having the time of our lives. We got into our wet suits, walked for 10 minutes to the base of a cliff and managed to jump from low, medium and high levels into the sea. We also did some cave exploration in the water and finished up by heading back to the car park for a lovely lunch. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I definitely would recommend this to those of you who are willing to take your adventures to another level. Sorry that I didn't take as many pics on this day but believe me when I say coasteering is worth doing at least once!

Until next time!