I Like You Trump


I like you Trump

I don't care what anyone else says

You are exactly what my people needed

The harbinger of change, reawakening what appeared to be dead

You see the Black community was asleep until you came along

Content to live in mediocrity, happy to give their dollar to the 'Man'

But you in your brash, uncensored and unsympathetic glory

Did us a favour in more ways than one

You reminded us that we were never accepted with open arms in your dying nation

And if we were tolerated, it was only because our blood, sweat and tears continue to oil the gears of a sick and morally bankrupt country.

But even then we continued to be easy pickings for your racist law enforcement and greedy pharma companies

You replaced subtle manipulation, clever word-play and underhanded tactics

With blatant and uninhibited truths about how the white supremacist system really felt about us.

To say that we are no better than animals and equal to vermin is nothing new

But you are a blessing Mr Trump because you bypassed the psychological mind games and went straight to the heart of the truth

And in so doing you gave these self-righteous, self-deluded, bigoted Whites full permission to express how they truly feel

So now many of us Black kings and queens who have been sleep-walking through life

Are awakening to the painful truth that we are an after-thought in this system and the people we thought were friends had nothing more than low-key hate towards us, laced with disgust and resentment.

And as for the more astute among us

Trump you only confirmed what they already knew

Because beyond all the clever word-plays and sly political campaigns which flew the banner of equal rights and justice for all

Was a concerted and deliberate effort to sedate the fighting spirit in our community and pacify the wounds that continue to be inflicted on us.

Because as long as we were convinced that we were free

We wouldn't be able to see the extent to which we remain caged.

So I say thank you Trump

With all the hateful, racist and prejudiced comments that you've made

And the equally uncomfortable and tense atmosphere that this has created

Causing battle lines to be drawn based on skin colour and race

You and your supporters have re-awakened within us what has long been a sleeping giant.

Our men are no longer succumbing to their slave-like conditioning of spreading their seed but fathering none

And our warriors are understanding that the fight is not in the streets between each other

But in their hearts and minds which have long fallen victim to brainwashing and generational traumas

Our women are no longer aspiring to a highly exaggerated and largely non-existent idea of 'white' beauty

No....they are not only stepping into their divine power and exuding the Goddess energy that makes everything around them thrive

But they are also relearning the art of speaking life into their king and the seed of their loins.

They say behind every great man is a great woman. 

I say, behind every great nation is a people who remembered who they are.

Our brothers and sisters are becoming trailblazers again

Forging a new Black Wall Street that will emerge from the ashes of a nation that will eventually consume itself through its own greed and self-serving; the same nation that was deluded enough to believe that they were ever great.

Before we were comfortable Mr. Trump

But now you've made us restless

And in that restlessness we are rediscovering the power of family and unity

And the spirit of nation-building has been re-ignited in our hearts

So now here we stand

Observing yet another scramble for Africa because you so-called 'superpowers' can't help but indulge in your unquenchable greed and gluttony

The difference this time is that we are now prepared

We will not be insulted while you pillage what Mama Africa has in waiting for her children. 

Children that she has been beckoning to come back home ever since the first was snatched from her bossom

We will no longer be used so that you can continue to grow rich from the broken bodies and crushed dreams of yet another generation

We will no longer chase the non-existent rewards of your dead materialistic world

Filled with promises that are nothing more than illusions, robbing us of our time and blinding us to our purpose

Because of you Trump, we are being forced to remember why we were always great and how that will never change

Our future generations will thank you for being the catalyst to our reawakening

Unfortunately, those who will write history this time around will not be so kind.