Set your standard and stick to it


There is something powerful in loving yourself. When you've taken that downtime (from relationships) to understand what makes you laugh, what gives you joy and what invigorates and revitalizes you, then it is easier for you to identify if the individuals you meet will add or take away value from your life. Also, you tend to not waste a lot of time believing in the potential of someone but seeing them for what they truly are. When you live a life of health and happiness, it is easier for you to identify individuals that bring nothing more than toxicity and drama. When you recognise what peace of mind and contentment feels like, no one can convince you to accept dysfunction as a substitute. It all starts from you. You establish the baseline for happiness, joy and bliss within yourself first and then observe if what anyone decides to offer you even remotely measures up to it. If you discover that the individuals you meet are not quite making the mark, why worry? Treat this as practicing ground for separating the wheat from the chaff. Granted, every time you tell someone no, you spend even more time by yourself but is that truly a bad thing? Are you ever truly alone when you are saddled for life with a larger than life Goddess who dwells within you and has endless possibilities to live and be whatever she desires? 

Being with someone shouldn't be the ultimate goal, it should simply be a bonus and how you treat yourself is everything because it determines how you will allow others to treat you. Do not move the goal post when it comes to love and relationships. If you desire your life to be experienced in a way that brings bliss and happiness, do not settle for less.