Why Should I?


How dare you dim your light in response to their insecurities?

Who gave you the right to downplay your brilliance to keep them comfortable?

Who gave you permission to be less than who you really are?

If you feel the need to be someone else around them

If they've convinced you that anything but the real you is a welcome reprieve

Then don't question who you are

Instead, question who you've chosen to surround yourself with

Don't tell me you chose to incarnate on this planet

Pass through you own baptism of fire

Bare your own cross through the trials and tribulations that you would have preferred not to experience

Only to show up half the person you truly are

And to function at the lower end of your full potential

Did you suffer simply to be second best?

Would you really waste the lessons you've learnt just because of your fear to grow?

How can you let people who have very little input on your wellbeing and happiness

Stifle your growth and hamper your progress?

How can you let their sense of inferiority and fear

Suppress your very essence and dim your light?

Did you ever consider that you are getting your fiercest fight at this crucial juncture

Simply because you are very close to a breakthrough?

Did you ever think that the ones that fight you the most

Are afraid that you will prove that their failure to progress were simply excuses?

If you have to suffer in this lifetime

Let it not be in vain

Let your pain be your teacher

And your transformation the evidence of the "impossible".