Love Will Come Find You

Memoirs of Black Women

I’m on another level when it comes to connecting with another soul
It’s no longer about finding someone that’s good
It’s all about finding someone that’s right for me
Custom-made, specially packaged and fully certified to handle my level of crazy
Now THAT I’m willing to wait for

I wasn’t looking for love when James came into my life. I had endured far too many breakups, cried one too many tears and been hurt far too many times to want to get into another relationship. I was beyond tired, I was just simply done with the nonsense. There’s only so many times that you can deny your gut instincts before life confirms that you’ve saddled yourself with a liar and a cheat. There’s only so many second chances you can give a man before you realise that he will never change and there’s only so many times that you can let yourself down by settling for less than you deserve. So I decided that it was time to focus on me. I went from travelling to self-improvement and now I’m in the process of launching my own business. I’ve cut out all the weaves, perms and wigs and decided to go natural and even completely overhauled my diet. Gone are the meats, heavy fry-ups and oily foods that I’ve grown so accustomed to and now my kitchen is full of fruits, vegetables and a rich assortment of seeds, beans, grains and herbs. I have never looked and felt better. Now that I’m focussing all my energies on my new business venture, I haven’t entertained the thought of being in a relationship for over a year.

This summer, I finally made the decision to leave my 9-5 job so that I could begin my own investment company. I had enough experience, was surrounded by the right talent and had enough connections in the business world to make a respectable start. Over the last three months I’ve been looking at viable investment opportunities, understanding world markets, networking with promising entrepreneurs and working on a strong business launch. The only thing that I didn’t manage to do was find myself a good lawyer. Although, I was very optimistic about the success of my business, I knew that this line of work was not exempt from unforeseen legal entanglements and this was unfortunately, not my area of expertise. So with the help of a few solid recommendations, I decided to approach a law firm so that I could eventually enlist the support of an astute but affordable lawyer. I arrived at my appointment at Blacks & Blacks law firm and waited in reception to meet someone called James McIntyre. I didn’t have to wait long before I was greeted by a well-shaven and immaculately groomed rastaman. He was suited and booted but had the kindest eyes I’ve ever seen.

He politely ushered me into his office which was small but functional. There I briefly discussed the details of my investment company, current requirements and invited his input on how I could mitigate or avoid any current or future pitfalls. He listened intently to all I had to say and managed to succinctly but comprehensively cover all the things that would need to be of key focus at this crucial juncture of the business. This man was clearly very knowledgeable. By the time I discussed all the main points, I then progressed to the matter of his legal fees. He smiled and proposed that if he was made a silent partner in my company, he would offer his services and advice free of charge. I was shocked. He continued to reveal that he was delighted to finally see his people embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship and admitted that prior to our meeting, he did some research on my company and was quite impressed by what he saw so far. He also mentioned that he was already involved in several development projects in the Black community and would be more than happy to contribute his time and effort towards another forward-thinking initiative such as mine.

I could not believe it. This was better than I had hoped for but with my business hat on, I was determined to remain level headed and composed. So I offered that I would think about his proposition and get back to him before the end of the week. He smiled and quickly wrote something on the back of his business card before handing it to me. Once I left the building, I quickly had a look and I could see that he wrote the address to a local community centre along with the note “this Thurs at 5pm”. I smiled to myself. There was something about this man but I just didn’t know what…….

Unfortunately, the week went by in a blur. I was so busy attending appointments, arranging meetings and finalising details for the official launch that it wasn’t until Sunday that I realised that I not only forgot about the community centre but I also didn’t manage to get back to James about my decision. Interestingly, the following Monday I received an email from him. However, instead of him inquiring about my decision or even questioning what happened last Thursday, he simply asked if I was free for dinner that evening. I was flattered but hesitant. The last thing I wanted was a distraction and I wasn’t keen to mix business with pleasure either. So I left the email unanswered. I decided that there was too much at stake and now that I finally managed to get my life back on track, I wasn’t going to risk a relationship derailing me.

He was not deterred. By Wednesday, he managed to find my office and for the sake of not being discourteous, I agreed to see him. He came in bearing flowers and also lunch. He was dressed in a light airy white top, comfortable black pants and wore a sensually appealing musky cologne. He promptly put the flowers on my desk and then displayed a lovely fruit salad tray which he claimed to have prepared himself. I couldn’t help but be impressed. He was not only determined but he was also a bit of a romantic. Thankfully, he seemed to be a healthy eater too. Oblivious to the fact that I didn’t respond to his email at all, he pleasantly asked me if I was free in the evening. On first impulse I was tempted to say no but with him staring so intently into my eyes and bearing the kindest of smiles, I couldn’t help but tell him the truth. So with that, he made arrangements to pick me up after work so that we could have dinner later.....................