How many times have you booked your travel and wondered if it's going to be safe for you and your family? How many of you consult friends and family first before even deciding to go to a certain place for vacation? Better still, how many of you get to the vacation spot and desperately seek out another Black person only to spot one and have a little peace of mind that you might actually be safe for the rest of your stay? It is unfortunate that we have to adopt these subtle survival tactics but it is understandable. I aim to provide a platform that allows fellow Black travelers to share their experiences of where they've traveled and what they've experienced. I firmly believe that if we can boycott businesses that refuse to show Black paying clientele respect and courtesy, then probably it's time we start boycotting resorts, airlines and even countries where they are more than happy to make us feel unwelcome. Be honest, share your experiences (both good and bad) and let's stay informed as a community. If you would like me to blog about your travel experience, please submit details about it using the form below and subscribe so that you know when it goes live. Likewise, you can follow the Facebook page Safe Black Travel and share your thoughts there.