Who Said Single Life Was Boring?

All the statements about loving yourself first, being complete within yourself before getting into a relationship or not jumping headlong into someone else's arms are all valid but over-rehearsed. In fact, these statements have been repeated so often that they've begun to lose their meaning. Everyone can say this but not everyone is equipped to show you how to be single and still have the time of your life! Yes....you read it right - the time of your FLIPPIN' life! So what does single life really offer when you're not in the club looking for random hook ups, getting into awful one nightstands or going back to your black book of ex-lovers? Well ladies.......there are three simple things that you can do to turn a lonely life into an awesome one. Number 1 - Treat yourself to a new experience at least once a week. Number 2 - discover your hobbies and fully participate in them. Number 3 - TRAVEL!!!!!!! I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and to do what you've never done before. Consider this the 'date yourself' challenge. Go in with an open mind and I promise you, you will not regret it!

Don't believe me? Take a glimpse of my 'single life on fleek' and you be the judge :-)

Crowning Miss Natural Hair UK Event (2016) [Conscious Vibe Magazine]

Need I say more? This event was absolutely incredible! The Black community turned out in full force to celebrate our Black women and what makes them beautiful and unique. Apart from the contestants who participated in the beauty pageant, there were also stalls displaying beautiful craftmanship, hair care, skin care and health care products from the entrepreneurs within our community. There were also prestigious individuals in attendance including a member of parliament who made history by being one of the few Black women, with beautiful dreadlocks, to hold a relatively high seat in politics in the UK government. The panel of judges also included a hairstyle guru, a young female lawyer, a successful estate agent and a seasoned travel agent. The hosts were radio and talk show personalities who were absolutely phenomenal as MCs! I can't say enough about this event except the fact that IT ROCKED! If you want to know more about this and other similar events in the UK, check out the following website: https://www.consciousvibes.co.uk/



Yes.....I am a blogger but unlike most of the other bloggers out there, I'm actually VERY interesting lol. When I am in a particularly philosophical mood, I write quotes under the alias of 'Natty Dread' and when I wish to get poetic or to thoroughly explore a topic, I revert back to my royal roots and go by the name of 'DivineB-U-Ti' (I know right? So unnecessarily complex that it's epic!). Some of my more noteworthy posts are below:


Trip to Scotland 2016

I traveled to Scotland by my lonesome on 15th August 2016. I was giddy with excitement and yet fearful of the unknown. Had no idea what to expect, was doubtful about how well the tour would go plus I was meeting complete strangers. However, by the end of the trip, those strangers became family. With a bus packed full of people from all over the world including China, South Korea, Sweden, Jamaica (yeah mon!), Germany, Australia and Mexico, the experience was both enriching and enlightening. I've already received invites to visit some of these wonderful people back in their home country so stay tuned to the travel saga as it unfolds! (PS. staying in hostels is not as bad as it seems. The key to having the time of your life is being surrounded by good company [which is not hard to find in this type of accommodation!]). If you are interested in doing something similar - great! The website that I used is called 'Tourradar'. The name of the tour company that facilitated our trip around Scotland is called 'MacBackpackers' and they are absolutely brilliant!

Trip to China 2012

I embarked on the trip of a lifetime when I chose to do a year in China as part of my Bachelors degree. What.....an......experience! While almost everyone in my class chose to go to Beijing and Shanghai, I decided to go to Xi'an (as you guessed it) by my lonesome. I became bestfriends with the most wonderful Russians and Russian speakers, discovered for the first time that you have Chinese Muslims (lol), had my first real encounter of how Black people are viewed overseas and sampled some of the most interesting dishes! I HAVE NO REGRETS. I'll let the pictures and videos explain the rest!

Martial Arts Competition

Shaolin Temple